Herp Derp Top Rage Comics Part 1

20 carefully picked funny herp derp rage comics. Share these on your favorite social media site.

9 Responses

  1. ffilou6 says:

    Oh My Dog, What the #%$ยง are these xD ?!!!

  2. brenden says:

    lol wtf so funny

  3. Mentality says:

    Loved the become a fan one… Totally rofl’d

  4. Aleks says:

    They made me lmao myself

  5. elderscrollsfan says:

    Lol the one were the blue and green are same is true

  6. elderscrollsfan says:

    Wait…..you can’t use previous button………. THIS IS THE FIRST MEME LON THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOTHER OF MEMES…

  7. Raven6663 says:

    I like the hermaphrodite one.
    those of you who dont know what a hermaphrodite is, its someone with both boy and girl parts.

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