Top 75 Rage Comics of the Month

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  1. Baron says:

    Sooooooo bad. I didn’t even chuckle

  2. Rogue says:

    I just farted.

  3. Fadi says:

    hahahahaha great collection!

  4. Derpina says:


  5. herpderpson says:

    these are derpin

  6. Ben says:

    These were good aside from the fucking ad on every singe comic.

    • swenio says:

      i discovered that if you keep your cursor away from the comic, the ad wont pop up. hope it works for you too.

      • daven says:

        @swenio: Correct. The ads only show if you hover over the image. I would take them off, but this is a pretty high bandwidth site, so hosting fees are crazy expensive. I am doing a complete site re-model that will come out in a couple months which should solve some of the bandwidth usage problem and will likely drop those particular ads when I do so.

      • :) says:

        I am on phone so it doesn’t pol up with ads *awwa yeh face*

    • DERP says:

      happens all the time to me -.-

  7. Derppppington says:

    -forever alone-

  8. PlatinumStar says:

    In every collection there is always some asshole that talks negative about these comments STFU Baron!!!!!!!!!
    Anyways…I love these comics so much the Horror Movies one was so me.

  9. Micayla says:

    This is awesome. Me and my friend laughed our patuts off till he tooded. (>.<)

  10. Davon says:

    I love rage great way not to do work at school! DERP!

  11. Rachel says:

    LOL!! Just, LOOOOOL!!

  12. erb says:

    lol i love this one :DD

  13. Xavier.H says:


  14. luke says:

    baron stfu these are funny as hell

  15. Meike says:

    Floppy dick =D

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