Top 50 Rage Comics of the Month

15 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    very funny I enjoyed these thanks!

  2. John says:

    wow, that one about the kid almost suiciding was just…wow.

  3. Tiredofrage says:

    My God these comics need to go away. None are funny at all.

  4. The BOSS. says:

    Tiredofrage. Go to hell.

  5. NinjaAtHeart says:

    i agree with The BOSS

    • Fukdyomom says:

      Tiredofrage, you just like being inferior, The BOSS. You were just riding Tiredofrage’s coattails, and NinjaAtHeart, you just want to feel included.

  6. Lolzer says:

    Piano man me is awesome

  7. Lolface says:

    That nearly-suicide guy was fucking awesome. LOL

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