Le Stuck With The Bill

Le Stuck With The Bill - Rage Comics

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  1. Raven6663 says:

    Why is NO ONE making any new rage comics? :(

  2. The Troll Fan says:

    why wait for someone?

  3. Spongebob says:

    BTW, april Fools :3

  4. Billj63 says:

    Alright, seriously,why is there no comics?

  5. llamamaster says:

    We neeeeed new comicss!!!!!!!

  6. Raven6663 says:

    We need comics, and i would make some, but for some reason, my computer wont let me submit any!!!!!!! :(

  7. Ben Reilly says:

    I like how it took a halt in comics for everyone to comment and come together on this site :v

  8. alxmse says:

    That’s true! But we need new comics!

  9. Raven6663 says:

    So why not SUBMIT SOME? *my computer is retarded, and for some apparent reason wont let me submit any comics!

  10. The Troll Fan says:

    This comic should have name ” Stuck with a comic”

  11. Derp says:

    This comic blows

  12. Xavier.H says:

    STAR WARS!!!! (this makes no sense)

  13. Ben Reilly says:

    Anyone else come back occasionally to see the comments?

  14. billj63 says:

    Is anyone still there? I feel so alone…

  15. Xavier.H says:

    someone lick my testicles XD

  16. The Troll Fan says:

    I came here at least 600 times.

  17. Ben Reilly says:

    We are all one now

  18. Raven6663 says:

    Wow. Still the same comic… hmm…..

  19. alxmse says:


  20. The Troll Fan says:

    Why you no post new comic

  21. Isaac says:

    We aren’t making more comics because the submit option is broken.

  22. Xavier.H says:


    • Isaac says:

      It’s depressing though, that nobody commented or did anything on this website for so long. There is no fixing it anymore, because all of the users will be gone anyways.

  23. Isaac says:

    It has been over a year. Is anyone still here?

  24. alxmse says:

    Still waiting… We still waiting… Sad…

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