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  1. A normal person says:

    The very first argument in this comic is invalid… And what does “ask her out” actually mean? I have never understood that, like “you wanna go outside?” or what does it ACTUALLY mean? Anyways, no matter what it is, I still find it pretty annoying when people judge on somebody’s look only

    • jul says:

      Alright, this is going a little too far. I can cope with you hating on those people who do …questionable things, I even agree with you! But this is crossing a line of normalcy. It needs to stop here, you´re crossing a line.

    • a guy says:

      Fuck you 🙂

  2. natethegreat says:

    Fuck off already

  3. natethegreat says:

    A normal person, I mean.

  4. The Troll Fan says:

    hey normal person where r u from?

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