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  1. A normal person says:

    Nooooooo this is so wrong!!! She’s his girlfriend right? She has something to be proud of! Why would she throw that away and become one of the cheap whores that his boyfriend is looking at? She should be happy to actually have a boy who knows how to seperate between true love (her) and perverted lust (on the computer)

  2. Chuubulus says:

    If you ever get a girlfriend I feel sorry for her….that’s a pretty big if.

  3. The Troll Fan says:

    if something is related to sex, he has to comment!!! what a HIPSTER

  4. Raven6663 says:

    Ok, “a normal person” we all get that you are not a person and actually an alein being that splits into 2 aleins instead of having sex, so you think sex is wrong, so shut up.

  5. Xavier.H says:

    GO DIE ”A NORMAL PERSON”. IM SO SICK OF U SAYING, oh no she shouldn’t be doing that, bla bla bla. THIS IS ALL YOU DO!!!! JUST GO DIE, JEEZ!!

  6. luke says:

    everybody just shut the fuck up

  7. Trevor Cabolle says:

    I personally find it very amusing reading “a normal person’s” rants. His blind stupidity is hilarious

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