60 Funny Rage Comics

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  1. ejes says:

    USA still sucks… just sayin’

    • Swedish Fish says:

      u jelly bro?

    • Ash Smith says:

      USA…FUCK YEAH! Better then any other country if you ask me

      • BeaachBaabe says:

        Australia’s better…js…

        • BeaachDumaas says:

          And what has Australia given the world other than Steve “the crocodile raper” Irwin?

          • TheSpanishInquisition says:

            Gold (1850), The Great Barrier Reef, monotremes(the platypus and echidna);a host of marsupials, including the kangaroo, koala, and wombat, and birds such as the emu and the kookaburra. Australia is home to many dangerous animals including some of the most venomous snakes in the world. The dingo was introduced by Austronesian people who traded with Indigenous Australians around 3000 BCE. Australia has a market economy with high GDP per capita and low rate of poverty. Australia has an adult literacy rate that is assumed to be 99 per cent. Australia has strong international teams in cricket, field hockey, netball, rugby league, and rugby union, having been Olympic or world champions at least twice in each sport in the last 25 years for both men and women where applicable. I, however, disagree that Australia is the greatest country. I come from the United States and I hate it. I’d have to say that Switzerland and Sweden are the greatest countries in the world.

          • Nick says:

            tbh, I’d rather Australia JUST gave the world Steve the crocodile hunter than the constant war America provides.

          • Dude says:

            What?!? You don’t like our wars, bro?!?! We thought everyone loved that shit! We’ll stop if you say so.

          • brüno says:

            “I’d have to say that Switzerland and Sweden are the greatest countries in the world.” As a Swiss I feel flattered by you, TheSpanishInquisition, but I think Sweden is ahead of us in many topics that I care about, like education. Then again, Sweden still has a royal family, just like Spain, the UK and other countries. To me royals are just a family that gets their asses filled with cash by the country for being who they are and not doing any contribution in any relation to what immense amounts of money they get.

      • Your mother says:


        Serbia>Stara Pazova FTW !!

        No robbery’s,no homicide’s no suicide not much assholes good life !

      • Sydni says:

        No country is better!

    • bright king says:

      eat a bag of dicks

    • some guy says:

      obvious troll is obvious.

    • The BOSS. says:

      Bitch. You’re just jealous because we’re better. I bet you’re fat.

    • Ben says:

      Don’t hate America until you have lived here…People fucking run their mouths from other countries and base their hate on what they see on t.v. and the news. If you haven’t even been here then you don’t know jack shit about what you are hating and what you think you know about the U.S> Fucking useless net trolls!

    • the president says:

      go somewhere else

    • OneForAngels says:

      I have nothing against America exactly, but I’d never live there. The culture there is much harsher than where I live (Australia). From my perspective it is both rather superficial and often close-minded.
      I mean, America has done a lot for the world, and I appreciate it’s existence, but just don’t expect me to move in or back up anyone who says it’s the greatest country on earth.

    • RAGEE says:


    • zark says:

      Ok dude. we’ll just leave you to the nazis next time. and just because there are some (actually many. very very many) problems with our country, at least we have someone in power who’s trying to stop it, even if our scumbag congress won’t let them, and i cant think of anywhere id rather live.

    • nina says:

      yo mama sucks

    • Nate says:

      Say’s the dipshit.

    • Spongebob says:

      U suck

  2. chocolate rain says:

    XD im still s**tting in my pants

  3. Paulo says:

    lol whats big deal about usa? im from portugal and i less for talk shows and war with iraq and fast-food i dont see anything wrong about it lol

  4. Stepper says:

    Emmm, you do know Gabe Newell Lived in UK right… And that all the events of Valve happens in GMT+1 right?

  5. @ u.s.a haters says:

    keep hating on the country that kills people for the hell of it :] its entertaining to hear how everyone else hates my country when our military can b***h slap your whole contenent.now go eat your pizza with silverware b**ches

  6. d!x!3 says:

    this site has gone to s**it. the comments i mean. its just a bunch of people fight and being racist or arguing whos country is better. if i wanted that then i could just go to f*cking school. the sites suppose to be about the rage face and memes and trolls. if your gonna argue then go to facebook!

  7. herp2duhderp says:

    dis iz duh funniest ting i evah her evah in duh world

  8. any normal country says:

    bitch please, USA sucks…
    denying much?

    • Bed Head says:

      Every country has individual problems and we strive to deal with them in our own ways. There are no utopias in the world so we cannot claim that one country is better than another. It is all subject to opinion.

    • Drew says:

      Jealous much? Sexiest women, best athletes, best sports, best movies, best shows, best comics, best food, coolest military uniforms (Marines, ya we are sexy bad asses), best music, most eclectic, and did I mention how damn sexy our women are?

      Damn, it is good to be American, all the perks one can imagine as long as effort is put out to earn it and the rules set forth are followed.

      I have ran with the bulls in Spain, Partied in Munich Germany for October fest, discussed philosophy in Greece, Drank wine in Italy, Did the salsa in Mexico, Sweat my ass off in Africa, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, smelled the Turkish (gross) and showed the French women what a real man can do. Men from other countries may hate us but the women looovveee us, in more than one way. The only effort we had to put out to get laid over seas was unwrap the condom. But they were still not as sexy as our American women. I love this beautiful country!

    • Eli says:

      bitch please, you live in : any normal country? There are no fucking normal countrys. Now go find a real name.

  9. seara says:

    yall r idiots, calm down.

  10. 2Funneh2Dye says:

    These were supposed to be funny rage comics… the american one didn’t belong here at all, there was no joke to it.

  11. problem says:

    Ok dont hate us bros! Hey America! lots of conspiracy states that Canada and the States have been flipping shit about each other for a while now. Canada is bigger than the U.S. so get over it. If I had to choose, I would choose Canada over you americans. Oh btw, I’m from Africa. Problem?

  12. Rawrrrrzilla says:

    I would like to apologize for all of these Americans who walk in here talking about how big our military is and how awful everywhere else is. I personally love America, but I don’t love its government system. So many of the people here are incredibly kind and caring, at least in the areas I’ve been in. Sure we have our assholes, but what place doesn’t. I would LOVE to tour Europe or visit Australia…maybe go to Brazil (though the heat would kill me.) These people who are acting all big are just the Americans who think that because we have a powerful military we can walk around willy nilly and insult people everywhere. Once again, I am sorry.

    • Drew says:

      Do not apologize for people who are just sticking up for themselves because you are trying to look like you are less ignorant. I have been to 15 different countries, and I can say without a doubt in my mind we are the greatest country in the world, and till you go somewhere to see how other cultures live you will never understand that because you have been given all these amazing benefits since the day you popped out. But yes, we do have the best military in the world. Everyone hates us till they need us, and just like always we will take on the challenge to save the asses of those who bitched in the past.

      • Jess says:

        Beg pardon?

        I’m sorry, you can’t just blow off that guy like that. Even though you may think ‘Murica is the best country in the world, many others beg to differ. You say Africa is dirty and full of hungry, homeless people. You ever been to the slums in LA? You say China is communist and the government doesn’t care about the people. Well, considering how China is becoming the World Market Leader, and America’s debt is currently 1 Trillion dollars behind the Average GDP Output of the ENTIRE WORLD, I would say that China’s Government is working pretty well.

        His comment was in no way ignorant, and your comment was in no way ‘sticking up for [yourself]’ because that, when viewed in others’ eyes, makes the Average American seem like a complete dick. You can have your opinions, make no mistake, but when you treat others’ opinions like that, it becomes unacceptable.

        This is why people hate you. Not because they know you’re ‘superior’, because if they knew that, they wouldn’t hate you. They hate you because your stereotype is to intrude on others’ cultures and territory, enforce your beliefs onto them with the weak excuse of ‘Ours is better’, and threaten uninvolved countries with war if they don’t cooperate with you. What kind of role model is that? Even if you will, persae, ‘take the challenge’ and ‘save the asses of those who bitched’, they don’t want your help. You are the pain in their asses, and the only reason why they don’t complain is that you would obliterate the world if your country is even slightly pissed off.

        Oh, and about your Military: Yes, it may be the most Technologically Advanced CURRENTLY, but given the direction of the American Economy and the Arms Research of both Russia and China, it’s estimated that China on its own will surpass the might of America in 10 years. And if you ever decide to attack either China OR Russia in that time, their alliance will make it very costly for you, both in terms of money and men. China is developing a more refined version of C4ISR, has the largest Standing Army in the World, and has a GPS System (Polaris) and a ICBM System (DongFeng) to rival both of America’s. To get my point across, I will call upon a recent example: A Russian MBS (Main Battle Submarine) carried an investiture into the Mexican Gulf outfitted with their new Radar Scattering System and redesigned Sonar. They managed to stay there for 40 days, conducting ACTIVE RESEARCH the entire time, and not a single ship, American, Mexican, or International, detected them in that time.

        You still think your beloved homeland is safe?

        Rawrrrrzilla (Awesome name, BTW :D) is entitled to his opinion, just as you are entitled to yours. Don’t think you can go blowing up in people’s face and get away with it.


        • Derpina Derperson says:

          You do know that if another country were to attack America on its own soil, it would cause an all out war between America and the country that attacked. You know what happened when the Japanese attacked that port in Hawaii, right? America joined in on WWII and bombed two of Japan’s cities filled with civilians.

          I understand that you are defending someone who is telling all of theses jerckwads to shut up, but you still shouldn’t go around saying that America isn’t as safe as we think it is. People shoulnd be talkinng trash about other country’s cultures because it’s different from yours or because you don’t like it. If you were in a country were women wore a covering over their head. Would you ho about with out one(if you were a woman)? Just because other people’s countries are different from yours, does not mean you can go about dissn’ their way of life.

          That goes for everyone every where around the world.

          • brüno says:

            “but you still shouldn’t go around saying that America isn’t as safe as we think it is”
            why shouldn’t Jess do that? no place is “safe”, you know, atomic missles dont care about political borders nowadays. you can almost as easily bomb the us, as any other third world country (pun intended), you just need to make the missiles stealth.
            remember 9/11? remember pearl harbour (pun intended)? there you have your safety.

        • Derpy says:

          YAAAASSSSS Jess!!! 😉 & thank you Rawrrrrzilla

        • Gabster says:

          -yawn- nice rant,but waste of oxygen

  13. Drew says:

    P.S. these comics are retarded. I put this “comedy” in the same category of Tracy Morgan. Humor for idiots.

  14. gtfob says:

    We americans r awesome but i dont think were the best country in the world
    y r we arguing about this it’s soo stupid and we should b makinjokes about
    the comics and not arguing on who’s country is bettr i mean c’mon ppl.

  15. Scott says:

    America own china about 380 billion dollar. Pretty much screwed. Famous actor movie 80% are from Canadian. Sexy? I def say no. Too bad American couldn’t go awesome Cuba which is Canadian can. Science people build fancy stuff are also from Canadian. And go on.

    • Herpity Derp says:

      first off, i’d like to kindly ask you to learn how to spell, so you can properly convey your message. seriously, how did you make that text illegible? You’re.TYPING. For Pete’s sake, man, i can’t even tell why you’re relating Cuba to “CANADA”. If you’re going to type out a bigger-than-four-letter country, do it right. I’m not a Grammar Nazi, but Jeez, man, I can’t even tell what you’re trying to say.

  16. Right everyone please SHUT THE FUCK UP about America? We are all arguing over what country is the best when each country has a different quality which is good for the world. Some of you guys are saying that America is the cause of all the wars and starts them off but us arguing starts wars…(minor wars)… but if it were on a bigger scale it may start a war. I have been on a all around the world trip and each country has good things and bad things. We all live in the world but on different sides, we’re all humans, and being on earth is precious because we only have a limited time so can we just stop the wars and enjoy life? BTW IM NOT A HIPPY. PS we should be commenting on the rage comics… out of like 40 comments two are only on the topic of rage comics..

  17. tedo says:

    the store help comic happens to me a lot

  18. awesome says:

    I’m from th U.S. and I’d rather live in canada, sweden, or norway.

  19. ????? says:

    You all are ignorant. Americans and anyone else from different conuntrys commenting. I took time out of my day to read some of these comments. I’m not siding with anyone but there were many oppertunities you should all be thankful for. From my homeland to japan WWII america was nice enough to help all sided with the axis or let’s just say germany and japan to rebuild their war torn countries and at that time the rule of taking land was in place so all of your asses could have belonged to america and also mine after the cold war if the rule was still in place.( how is my english doing I’m have some help from my friend from the UK) and america don’t get all high and mighty you’ve had some close calls yourself. If the french didn’t save your asses you would still be under rule of the British. And don’t forget the pearl harbor attack. If you ships weren’t out to sea like they were you navy definitly wouldn’t be ready for war in time and you would have taken extreme damage. Its really amazing what you find with a little research. So no one better get any big ideas from now on.

  20. Umm no says:

    Stfu seriously take your head out off your ass and stop arguing if take pride in where you live great
    But all countries have its problems you guys are being annoying as fuck

  21. murica says:

    I love America!

  22. april jones says:

    i actually have nothing i want to say but feel obligated to comment.

  23. Axumtum says:

    I am actually a human that lives on Earth. I am just laughing out loud on how out of 60 memes, people are having a war about only one of them! Chill out people, all the countries on Earth are awesome! It’s just humans are f****d up. Just saying. 😛

  24. Ahnsuriel says:

    Axumtum, it is glad to see heralds of reason here. Seeing people like you renews my faith in humanity. We are proof that not all of us are driven by wretched mindsets. As long as there are people like us, humanity has a future.

  25. Raven6663 says:


  26. annonymus says:

    No one cares about which country u live in.. I’m happy that my country dosent often have heatwaves and hurricanes. The people r always happy and respectful to all. Don’t hate cause yr jelly:)

  27. Muckleman says:

    Wow. This is the largest collection of gold-flaked bullshit I’ve ever seen. Made me laugh and made me nod my head and go “Mhmmm” several times. Thanks. 😉

  28. LMGGAMINGFTW says:

    So this is where we are as a species, huh?

  29. :) says:

    *sniff sniff* good to go

    You would only know if you read all of it

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